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The Galaxy S10 with Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O Display offers an uninterrupted viewing experience with a bezel-less screen. The 3D Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor helps ensure devices stay secure. The Pro-grade Camera with an ultra-wide lens delivers a full field of vision so photos never leave anyone, or anything, out of the shot. Wireless PowerShare lets one phone charge any wireless-charge device including Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch or even a coworker’s phone.1

Cinematic Display

The S10 screen has no bezel and AMOLED Infinity-O Display.

Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O Display offers an uninterrupted experience with a bezel-less screen.

Enhanced Security

The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID provides in-screen Security only the user can unlock.

Pro-Grade Camera

Take professional-grade pictures with the S10’s camera.

Pro-Grade Camera is built with a full kit of lenses including an ultra-wide lens that delivers a full field of vision so photos leave nothing out.

Wireless PowerShare

The Samsung S10 has wireless charging with Wireless PowerShare.

Wireless PowerShare can charge any wireless-charge device including your Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch or even a coworker’s phone.1

All-day Intelligent battery

The S10’s all-day battery adjusts to your usage patterns.

All-Day2 Intelligent Battery (3400 mAh) optimises your power by learning how and when an employee uses their phone.

Pre-installed screen protector

Keep your S10 screen safe with a pre-installed screen protector.

Each new smartphone comes equipped with a screen protector designed uniquely for the Galaxy S10.

Note 9
Note 9
The Samsung Galaxy Note9 can help your business attract and inspire the next generation of achievers. By putting the Galaxy Note9 in the hands of ambitious disruptors, you empower them to perform at their best.

Fully integrated Dex Mode1 offers your employees the flexibility to work how, when and where they want with a desktop-like experience. With the enhanced Bluetooth-enabled S Pen, your team can easily present ideas on the go and take notes on the fly - all while Knox defense-grade security helps to protect your business data. A long-lasting battery2 means that the Galaxy Note9 will keep its charge through back-to-back meetings and beyond, and 128GB standard storage - that can expand3 — lets your employees store and manage all the files they need for their work.

The fastest phone we've built yet - with a 10nm processor - Galaxy Note9 offers the speed and performance your employees need to excel at what they do. Unlock the potential of your most talented resources and let Galaxy Note9 fuel a new level of success for your company.
The Camera, Reimagined
Leave the computer behind
Dex Mode enables your employees to transform Galaxy Note9 into a desktop-like experience with a single cable4 — giving them flexibility to leave their laptop at home. What's more, Galaxy Note9 can continue to operate as a phone, separate from the experience on the screen. The enhanced Bluetooth-enabled S Pen lets employees take notes from anywhere. It can also act as a remote — perfect for controlling presentations.
Security Essentials
Defense-grade security
Your confidential business data is better protected by Samsung Knox. This defense-grade security, built from the chip up, means you can feel confident that your information - and that of your clients and staff - stays with you.
Leave Your Computer Behind
A charge that lasts as long as they do
A powerful, long-lasting lasting battery3 is built to take on what your employees want to accomplish in a day. With Galaxy Note9, a lack of charge won't slow them down, letting your high achieving talent keep going as long as they want.
Security Essentials
Space to excel
With 128GB of standard storage — that can expand3 — your employees will have the capacity they need for the work they do. With Galaxy Note9, they can review and share large files and presentations without worrying that they will run out of space.
Leave Your Computer Behind
Performance without limits
Your employees need a device they can count on — all day, every day. Galaxy Note9 is the phone made with the power to keep up with high achievers, featuring the latest 10nm processor that can unlock your network potential, matching the pace of business today.

Introducing the Galaxy S9 | S9+. The Camera. Reimagined.

In-store exclusive!

Purchase the Galaxy S9 or S9+ on select 2-year Share EverythingTM for business plans and get a FREE Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Stand3 ($90 value).

Available while supplies last.

Get it for as low as $04 after eligible trade-in on select 2-year Share EverythingTM for business plans.

Galaxy S9 | S9+ with Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Stand
Galaxy S9 | S9+
The Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+ reimagines the work phone for your lifestyle. Do more on the Infinity Display with plenty of space for multitasking. Add efficiency to your routine with App Pairing, which allows you to launch two frequently used apps together in a split-screen view instead of toggling back and forth. Better protect personal and professional data with industry-leading1 security features like Intelligent Scan and Knox Secure Folder. Dock your Galaxy S9 | S9+ into DeX for a mobile-powered desktop-like experience wherever your work takes you. Dolby Atmos delivers immersive virtual 360-degree surround sound with AKG speakers for louder, clearer and virtually distortion-free conference calls2. The professional dual aperture camera with OIS captures clear moments, even in shaky settings. The Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+ doesn’t just fit your work routine – it improves it.
The Camera, Reimagined
The dual aperture camera with OIS takes clearer photos, even in dark or shaky settings. Capture detail from a distance, like presentation slides in a dimly lit conference room. The hybrid aperture adjusts according to the light of indoor and outdoor surroundings, and a new image sensor processes multiple frames at once, reducing photo noise by as much as 30%2. Shoot video in Super Slow Motion at 960 FPS to emphasize moments and features, ideal for real estate purposes, demo reels and more.
The Camera, Reimagined
Security Essentials
Industry-leading1 security features have established the Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+ as a trusted business tool. Intelligent Scan lets you access your device quickly and securely with a look. Samsung Knox 3.0 helps keep your information better protected with Secure Folder, a safe place to store documents that only you can access. Knox constantly verifies the integrity of your device with multilayered security anchored into the hardware. This detects any tampering to help ensure your data is secure.
Security Essentials
Leave Your Computer Behind
With Samsung DeX, you can connect your Galaxy S9 | S9+ to a monitor for a desktop-like experience powered by your mobile device. Dock your phone to use MS Office Suite and Samsung Internet on a desktop interface while your device charges.
Leave Your Computer Behind
Why Choose Rogers for Small Business
Rogers InfiniteTM Data Plan
Rogers Infinite Data Plans adapt to your business needs giving you optimum flexibility each month and include unlimited Canada-wide calling/messaging with shared data.
Plus with the Rogers Infinite Data Plans, you’ll find cost-effective solutions that allow you to scale your plan to accommodate ever-changing needs like adding new employees.
Rogers UnisonTM
With Rogers UnisonTM, small businesses across Canada are re-imagining what it means to do business on the go.
You need to be available when a customer needs to reach you. Business depends on it. Rogers Unison provides the powerful features of a traditional desk phone in a simplified and truly mobile solution. No apps to download and launch. No mobile data-usage charges for phone calls. No need to pay for unused landlines or desk phones. And, with the ability to route incoming calls to whoever is available, no more missed calls.
Roam Like HomeTM
Use your phone like you do at home in over 100 destinations around the world for just $7/day5 in the U.S. when roaming and $12/day5 in all other eligible destinations.
Rogers Check-in
A proactive review of your account with a Small Business Specialist to ensure you’re getting the right products, plans and services for your business. You can book your check-in appointment online at a convenient time for you.
Business Self Serve
Manage your profile, make payments, view your bill and track usage, all in a secure environment. Available to all Rogers wireless and cable customers.
Rogers Live Agent
Live Agent allows you to get the help you need quickly when you call us. There’s no more long hold times or complicated phone systems.
Rogers Small Business Centres
Get dedicated small business expertise at a nearby Rogers store; or visit one of our 79 Small Business Centre Stores.
  • One-on-one advice from a Small Business Specialist with expert knowledge of the latest business products and solutions.
  • Appointments that can be booked at times convenient for you.
  • Insight on the latest smartphones, tablets and other devices for your business.
  • Monthly events designed to help build your business.

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