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Office 365 tools that will improve your next presentation

Technology - Jun. 12, 2018

Office 365 tools that will improve your next presentation

Get more out of PowerPoint and take your decks to the next level using other Office 365 apps

If you're an Office 365 subscriber, chances are you're already using one of its premier apps, PowerPoint, to create most of your presentations. Microsoft's benchmark tool lets users of almost any experience level create professional multimedia slideshows to present ideas to groups of people. But did you know that you can leverage other Office 365 apps and services to help you organize, enhance and better disseminate your PowerPoint presentations?

Skype for Business

If the people to whom you're presenting are all in the same office, all you need to do is book a room and fire up a projector to present your PowerPoint deck. But what if they're scattered around the city, province or country? Skype for Business holds the answer. Just create a group chat, add appropriate participants and then begin showing your PowerPoint presentation to everyone using the desktop-sharing option. Your audience will get to see your presentation as though they were in the same room as you, and if you’re all using the video conferencing feature you'll be able to see their body language and facial expressions as they react to your ideas. It's a huge step up from a simple conference call, and you'll stand a much better chance of successfully getting your points across.


Sometimes, creating a great presentation takes more than one person. You might want your whole team to collaborate, adding and editing slides according to their expertise. That's where SharePoint comes in. Just save your PowerPoint file to a single location – your SharePoint account – and then use the “share” command to begin granting access to select team members. You can choose what they're able to do to your presentation, from viewing and providing feedback to simultaneous editing, using version control to ensure everyone's always on the same page. And once your presentation is finished, you can lock it down, removing other users so that your PowerPoint file remains exactly how you last saw it and there are no surprises on presentation day.


Good ideas are always made better with solid data to back them up. The best place to compile that data is often in an app like Excel – and it's perfectly compatible with PowerPoint. If you embed a table or graph in PowerPoint, you'll be able to modify the data sets in Excel. If the data already exists in another Excel spreadsheet, you can import it to the slide you're working on in PowerPoint. And If you'd rather just copy and paste information or pictures from Excel – to keep the source-data safe and your PowerPoint file-size small – you can do that, too. Other Office 365 apps – such as Word, OneNote and Publisher – offer similar compatibility with PowerPoint. Keep this in mind and you're bound to save yourself a lot of time putting together decks supported by facts and figures.

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