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Small-business profile: Vox O Max

How one company uses voices to create good impressions for others

We’ve all been there. You pick up your phone to call a company and you quickly get frustrated by the poor quality of the voice recording on the automated phone system. Vox O Max, a company that offers professional corporate narration, is trying to make that situation a thing of the past, one client at a time.

“It is the crucial component,” explains Maxime Huneault, a partner at Vox O Max. “The interactive voice response system can be the first contact with the customer, and it’s very important.” Can a recorded voice make that much of a difference? “It’s subtle, but it’s an integral part of a company’s professional image. Some companies have a great website, but when you call them, you get a message that misses the mark, delivered by the voice of an amateur. It shakes the confidence of customers. It’s a subconscious thing.”

For 25 years, this business has specialized in corporate narration projects for various groups, employing forty professional narrators speaking seven different languages, including French, English, Spanish and Mandarin. Vox O Max also offers voices for e-learning videos, telephone messages, on-hold messages, radio advertising, podcasts and soundtracks for corporate videos.

Telephony services are still relevant

Maxime Huneault was destined to work at Vox O Max. His uncle created the company back in the 1980s and drew inspiration from his first name. “When I was 15, my uncle hired me as a sound technician and administrative assistant. It was my first job,” he recalls. “I went on to get more experience elsewhere, but one day he asked me if I wanted to take over as he was making plans to retire.”

As this young entrepreneur was buying the company, he worried about the business model’s future viability. With the omnipresence of the internet, would people continue to make calls to their service providers? “I quickly learned that human contact supersedes everything else. People use the internet to get information, but they then pick up the telephone,” says Huneault. “It is a means of communication that endures. Over the last three years, our sales have increased by more than 50 percent!”

Vox O Max can adapt its services to start-ups, small businesses and large corporations. Included among its clients are Air Canada, Ivanhoé Cambridge, Bombardier, CHU Sainte-Justine (where children did the narration), CCQ, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Decathlon, Exceldor and more.

“Clients can select what they want from a varied catalogue of services,” explains Huneault. “For example, a bank would have a serious voice whereas a friendlier, more approachable voice would be used for a daycare centre. All of our narrators have had arts training, and they work with the client’s image.”

Preparing for future success

In addition to prospecting for new clients, Huneault has gone ahead with a digital redesign of the company, developing an attractive website, repositioning the company online and, appropriately, bringing in Rogers Unison™, a new cloud-based business phone system.

“We looked at various telephone systems, and we chose Rogers Unison for its low installation cost and how easy it is to use,” explains Huneault. “It’s mobile and offers many functionalities. We feature our professional narrators with Auto Attendant, and with Hunt Groups, we ensure that calls are answered at all times. Being on the road frequently, Call Transfer is very handy.”

Huneault enjoys the flexibility of having business phone features on the company’s mobile phones. “We can also manage the desired parameters for the portal ourselves without having to call a technician, which suits our company's growth perfectly,” he adds.

Vox O Max was recently sold to Newmood, a company that operates in the same field, but Vox O Max will maintain its independence and brand image. Huneault is optimistic about the future. He hopes to help many organizations make the transition to an IP telephony solution such as Rogers Unison, with personalized messaging that reflects their unique brand.

Phone system setup tips

To help fellow business owners make a great first impression, Huneault offers these tips:

  • Make sure you have an auto attendant set up that helps your customers quickly reach the person they need
  • Limit the structure of your telephone system to 3 menus
  • Place your most popular options first
  • Select a maximum of 5 options per menu
  • Enable a “0” option but do not advertise it
  • Create telephone messages that are simple and concise
  • Allow callers to go back to the previous menu and to replay the menus

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