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Chantal Chapman's top tips for building a mobile-friendly business

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Chantel Chapman's top tips for building a mobile-friendly business 1. Understand your "why" If you have not already done so, it's incredibly important to understand why you want to work on the go and what the benefits of doing so are. You also need to ask, what are the challenges? Taking inventory of these things will help you when you need motivation or feel stuck. For me, I know I can wear more hats in my business by being able to run it on the go. I can work in my business for part of the day and have the flexibility to work on my business as well. Here are some of her tips to help you run your business on the go: 2. What is the ROI of your time? You also need to understand the ROI (return on investment) of your time: To be really efficient on the go, you need to become a master at weighing out the opportunity cost of your hours. When I figured out that it was very valuable to me to meet and connect with people rather than doing certain administration tasks, it motivated me to look into ways to free up time from those lower-value, but important tasks. Another thing to note is that return on investment can come in forms other than revenue. I found that if I could write emails or take calls while walking my dogs in the forest for a few hours during the day, I not only got things done on the go but my mental health also profited immensely—which fueled more productivity overall i n my business. @chantelchapman 3. Plan your day for maximum productivity I start every morning with setting intentions for the day. These are very strategic in that I know when I am capable of maximum output for certain tasks and schedule them accordingly. For example, I am really good at solo admin work in the morning so I do that first. In the afternoon, I am best being social and connecting with people. I use Evernote to make my to-do list for the day. My team and I also use Asana for project management, so we can keep track of where we are with all initiatives. Both of these programs have a mobile app; the key is to make sure they are synced to your laptop and phone. Chantel Chapman Founder of What the Finances and School by K+P, Chantel Chapman shares her tips for running both of her businesses on the go. Since she's been in the business world, being stuck to a desk was not something that felt aligned to who Chantel is. She knew from the beginning she needed to create a career that would allow her to be free, make her own schedule and be able to do her work from anywhere.

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