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Ken Bautista's top tips for managing and motivation and keys to success in a digital world @kenbautista Ken Bautista Ken Bautista is a partner at Makespace Group Inc., a company that works at the intersection of brand, culture and physical space. He's leading the development of Factory, a retail campus for modern creators and consumers. He previously co-founded Startup Edmonton, a community hub focusing on building, advising and investing in local tech start-ups. Ken has been recognized in Avenue Magazine's "Top 40 Under 40" and AlbertaVenture's "50 Most Influential People" lists. Here are some of the tips Ken shares with fellow entrepreneurs when it comes to building businesses, creating products and making things happen while working on the go: 1. Get set up to work anywhere As CEO and managing partner, most of my time is spent meeting with our customers and partners, recruiting key people and road-mapping where we're headed. I like to theme my days so my team knows what I'm focused on during the week, wherever I may be. I have scheduled check-in times with our leadership team, regardless of what time zone I'm in. Our team runs on G Suite, so we do everything on Google Meet, Chat, Docs and Team Drives. All I need is a desk and an internet connection somewhere and I'm set. 2. Bring the tools you need Last year, I was on the road 44 out of 52 weeks, splitting my time between offices in two cities, as well as scouting new markets and opportunities. My backpack holds everything I need: my passport, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, AirPods, noise-cancelling headphones, a water bottle and a kit full of connectors and adapters. I don't carry a pen and notebook as I track notes on my iPhone and take pictures of whiteboards. 3. Treat everything like a project Whether it's designing a new product, hosting a meetup, organizing an event or building a new company, I treat everything like a project. The great thing about projects is that they have a beginning and an end, require a team, have some constraints and create opportunities to learn. Looking back at my career and ventures so far, I've worked on hundreds, if not thousands, of projects to learn from and apply to the next ones.

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