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What Is The Cloud? (And Why Small Businesses Need To Care)

Nov. 23, 2016

If you’re a small business owner hearing about the benefits of the cloud but not taking advantage because you think it’s out of reach or you’re too small, think again. Cloud technologies can be advantageous for companies of any size, from sole proprietorships and small teams, right up to large enterprise businesses. Cloud technology is also established enough that businesses don’t need to worry about the challenges of being an early adopter – in fact, the benefits of using cloud technologies are apparent from almost the minute your team adopts.

For example, small businesses can start taking advantage of cloud applications immediately with tools such as Rogers Business App Market, which offers productivity and collaboration apps (Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite) coupled with complete setup and 24-hour support.

Cloud is here to stay and many of the tools small businesses already use frequently are moving to cloud-based models (productivity suites, accounting software), but small businesses can take their time adopting the services that work best for them.

If you’re a small businesses owner still unsure if cloud services are right for your business, check out this excellent introductory article from Huffington Post, which not only covers the basics but explains why cloud can be so important, even for competitive reasons. It offers technologies to small businesses which may have otherwise been out of reach.

How is your small business using cloud services to its advantage?