How flexible data solves seasonal business challenges

July 13, 2018 Jaclyn Law
Technology - Jul. 13, 2018

How flexible data solves seasonal business challenges

Choose a plan that grows with your needs and helps you manage costs

How much mobile data will your team need this month? What about next month, and the month after that? For many small businesses, data usage fluctuates – sometimes drastically – depending on the time of year, making it tricky to choose the right data plan. It’s a fine balance: you need enough data for your team to be productive and stay connected, but you don’t want to pay for more than you use.

The smart solution? A flexible data plan that automatically adjusts to your needs. Read on for examples of how a little flexibility can solve seasonal business challenges.

Challenge #1

Nick runs a small staffing firm. In the summer, he and his team enjoy “summer hours,” taking Friday afternoons off. They still want to respond promptly to client emails, so Nick needs a data plan that’s big enough for everyone to send large files, no matter where they are. The problem is, he can’t predict how much data they’ll need.


A flexible data plan grows along with demand. Nick’s team could start each month with a bucket of data (say, 4 GB), and if they use it all, they will automatically get an additional 2 GB of data for an affordable, predictable rate. If they use that, they’ll get another 2 GB for the same fixed rate. The next month, their data will automatically reset to its original size. Nick’s team won’t run out of data, and their clients won’t have to wait until Monday to hear from them.

Challenge #2

Eloise is a wedding photographer. In the summer – her busiest season – she often shoots weddings out of town, so she relies on mobile devices to run her business and stay connected. Eloise isn’t sure how much data she’ll need, and she doesn’t want to keep switching plans.


Flexible data plans make it a snap to manage usage fluctuations, and Eloise wouldn’t have to closely monitor her account or change her data usage settings. She can focus on her work without hesitating over unpredictable overage fees.

Challenge #3

When Karen started her walking-tour company, she was a one-woman show. Her tours have become so popular that she’s adding more guides – all of whom need mobile devices. Karen’s not sure how much data they’ll need. How can she support her team without overspending on data?


Keep it flexible! Karen can start with a low-tier plan and automatically get more data as her growing team needs it. Her plan will reset each month to its original size, so she can avoid overspending on an oversized plan, and she can also avoid unexpectedly high overage fees.

Still not sure if a flexible data plan is right for your business? Click here to learn more about how they work.

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