Spotlight: Mark Hobbs of Fundmetric

June 7, 2018 Robin Roberts

Spotlight: Mark Hobbs of Fundmetric

The Halifax entrepreneur gives insight on his charity software

Mark Hobbs, co-founder of Fundmetric, a developer of donor engagement software for charities, doesn’t often attend small-business speaker events. But when he discovered his friend Katelyn Bourgoin, a growth strategist who works with early-stage tech startups, was presenting at a Rogers Small Business Centre event in Halifax this spring, he decided to go along.

Not only did he score some valuable information to apply to his own business, he walked away the lucky winner of a Samsung Galaxy S8. “When organizations like Rogers set up events like this, it’s an opportunity,” says Hobbs. “And in this case, it was an opportunity and a bit of luck that I won the door prize.”

Besides winning a new cell phone, what else did you come away with after attending this event?

It’s important to stay on top of how fast the digital market is changing, and I think the fact that Rogers is bringing experts with practical advice together with small-business owners [creates] lots of discussion and ideas we can take away.

What was the impetus behind Fundmetric?

We believe that donors deserve to be able to follow their money, and when they do that people actually give more and more willingly. [We] take data and analyze it to pull out insights about what motivates people, what the biggest problems in the world are, and match people with the causes they care about. [Our] software is sold to the charity itself, which uses it to create highly personalized communications [with donors].

How did you raise funds to start your own business?

We’re backed by some of the best venture capital [firms], and we went through a number of different accelerators, [including] the Google for Entrepreneurs program. But the Atlantic Canadian startup community and our customers have supported us from day one.

What’s the most rewarding part of what you do?

I have always felt it’s important to give back, and that’s been a driving force in my life. Seeing the difference we’ve made, [the] things that wouldn’t have happened if the money wasn’t there. And when you put the money there, you’re solving some of the most severe problems a lot quicker.

I have always felt it’s important to give back, and that’s been a driving force in my life.

What are some of your favourite business apps?

I am a big fan of HubSpot, a CRM and marketing-innovation tool. Also I use [collaboration tool] Slack to keep in touch with my team; the entire company is on Slack. I love Zoom, a video-conferencing app on mobile and across platforms.

What’s your vision for the future of Fundmetric?

We are very proud to be based in Atlantic Canada, but we’re reaching the globe and I think anybody can do that from here. Having access to the level of talent coming out of our universities allows Fundmetric to pioneer an area of machine learning and apply it to a sector that really needs it.

For more information on Rogers Small Business Centre events, click here!

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