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Save on Wireless Costs with a Share Everything for Business Plan

Insights - Aug. 22, 2016

Save on Wireless Costs with a Share Everything for Business Plan

Flexible data and incredible extras add up for maximum value

If your company’s wireless plan isn’t adapting to your day-to-day needs, you may be overpaying every month. Rather than worrying about wireless costs, find out how a Rogers Share EverythingTM for Business plan helps you get to work.

Flexible, Shareable Data

With a Share Everything plan, multiple users and devices share one data plan. This helps you get the most out of your wireless budget, since lighter users balance out heavier users. And if you need more data, Share Everything plans automatically adapt by giving you more when you need it – and you won’t be charged overage fees. Flexible data plans start at $100 for 4 GB per month for the primary line (ideal for teams of two to nine people), and each additional 2 GB is just $10. Each month, your plan resets to 4 GB, so you only pay for what you need.

Expandable Plans

Your Share Everything plan grows with your team. Your plan can include up to 24 devices – simply add as needed. For the 4 GB Flexible Data plan, each month you’ll pay $100 for your first smartphone, then $60 for each additional smartphone, $35 per basic phone, and $10 per tablet or wireless business phone line (the more devices you have, the lower the average cost per device). For access to Rogers UnisonTM, upgrade to the Flexible Data Plus plan for just $15 more a month.

Valuable Standard Features

The benefits just keep coming: everyone on a Share Everything plan gets unlimited Canada-wide calling and messaging, video and picture messaging, call display, call waiting, voicemail and group calling. Plus, each plan member can choose a free wireless business phone line or free device protection for one smartphone (coverage for additional smartphones is 50% off for 24 months).

Roam Like Home

Roam Like HomeTM, one of Share Everything’s best-loved features, offers low-cost roaming for business travel. For an affordable daily rate ($5 for U.S. travel, $10 for international travel), you can use your device like you do in Canada, including all the features of your Share Everything plan. To enroll, text “travel” to 222. The daily rate kicks in the first time you make a call, send a text or use the internet.

Savings on U.S. Long Distance

Add unlimited U.S. long-distance calling for $9 per month per line, or $35 per month for all members of your plan.

Simple Billing

Many devices, just one monthly bill! With Share Everything’s convenient online usage tools, you can manage your team’s wireless usage and track who’s using what.

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