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THIS_DCR : /cms/rogers-smb-new/page-specific/whyrogers/landing/images/SmallBusinessCentre.Header.V2.jpg #c4c4c4 Why Rogers for Small Business? <p>Personalized service your business deserves is just around the corner.</p> <h3>Your success is our business.</h3>

Why Rogers for Small Business?

Personalized service your business deserves is just around the corner.

Your success is our business.

Rogers Check-In: We’ll review your business account.

Let a Rogers Small Business Specialist help you match products and services to your specific business needs.

You’ll get:

  • An end-to-end review of your account with a Small Business Specialist.
  • A comprehensive analysis of your business needs.
  • Answers to account and service questions.

Rogers Small Business Centres

Get dedicated small business expertise at a nearby Rogers store.


  • One-on-one advice from a Small Business Specialist with expert knowledge of the latest business products and solutions.
  • Appointments that can be booked at times convenient for you.
  • Insight on the latest smartphones, tablets and other devices for your business.
  • Monthly events designed to help build your business.

Register for a FREE Rogers Small Business Centres event

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Not near a Small Business Centre? Visit any Rogers store for assistance.

Roam Like Home. Travelling for business will never be the same.

Use your phone like you do at home.

Run your business freely and use the data and unlimited talk and text from your Rogers Infinite Data Plan in more than 100 destinations.

Business Self-Serve. Now available to all Rogers wireless and cable customers.

Manage your accounts on-the-go

You can:

  • View bills, make payments
  • Check data usage
  • View Business Self-Serve (BSS) dashboard
  • Access account details online on your dashboard
  • Use Live Chat for account or technical support
  • Consolidate wireless and cable accounts to manage just one bill

Business Self-Serve

Manage your profile, view your bill and track usage, all in a secure environment.

Speak with a Small Business Specialist
THIS_DCR : [+] SEE FULL DETAILS <p>* Limited time offer and subject to change without notice in Rogers branded retail store locations only. Available to qualified small business customers with valid proof of Business ID. Eligible devices: Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge devices. Credit available to customers who purchase an eligible device and activate an eligible plan (or add an additional line on an eligible plan). Eligible plan: any Share Everything for Business Plan with minimum 1GB data on a 2-year term. Credit will appear on one of customer&rsquo;s next three invoices, not redeemable for cash. A connection fee of $20/line applies, early cancellation fees apply. &copy; 2016 Rogers Communications</p>
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