Report A Payment Made Recently

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Learn more about reporting a recently made payment. 

How can I report a payment that I have recently made?

If you’re concerned that a payment you’ve recently made may be received late, you can report any One-Time payments made through either Online Banking, or in branch directly, within the last 7 days, via your MyRogers online by following the below instructions.

Credit Card payment are effective immediately. If you’ve recently made a payment, you can verify your Billing & Payment History Tab which should indicate the payment. If you don’t see the payment online, you would need to communicate with your Financial Institution to see what happened to the payment and what the next steps are at getting it applied to your account.

Follow these steps to report your payment: 

  1. Sign into your My Rogers > account. (Note: You will be linked directly to the Report a Payment page).
  2. Enter the payment details and click Report.
  3. Your payment has been successfully reported. Click Back to return to the Account Overview page.