An Update from Rogers President and CEO

To all Canadians

Our network outage last Friday was unacceptable. Simply put, we have not kept our promise to provide the most reliable network in the country.

This breakdown caused real inconvenience and was a source of great frustration for everyone. People have not been able to reach their families. Companies have not been able to carry out transactions. In addition, emergency calls as well as calls to essential services could not be made, which is very serious.

Everyone agrees, our customers, our governments and our team. What has happened is far from acceptable. Now we need to correct the situation.

Our network is fully functional according to the standards you would expect. Our customer service specialists work tirelessly and have made up for the backlog accumulated in the last few days. We have also revised upwards the amount of compensation we will pay to our customers, as many people have unfortunately had to wait longer before the full restoration of their services.

After talking to many of you, it is clear that our priority, as well as your main concern, is to ensure that this situation does not happen again.

I am personally committed to ensuring that Rogers makes all the necessary changes and investments to ensure that this is the case.

In addition, by working with governments and our industry, we will implement the necessary measures so that essential services and the 911 emergency service can operate without interruption, regardless of if there are outages.

I understand that it will take time to regain your full confidence through the steps we take. We can and will do better.

Kind regards,

Tony Staffieri
President and CEO of Rogers Communications