How to use Audio Description on Ignite TV

Also known as Described Video, this feature offers audio-narrated descriptions of key visual elements like facial expressions, costumes, on-screen text and scenery changes that a blind or visually impaired viewer would otherwise miss.

Follow these steps to turn Audio Description on or off on Ignite TV.

Using a voice command

  1. Press and hold the Mic button on your Ignite Voice Remote.
    • If you have the XR11 Ignite Voice Remote, the OK button is a slightly indented rectangle.
    • If you have the XR15 Ignite Voice Remote, the OK button is a prominent round button isolated from the other keys, directly below the arrow buttons.
  2. Use a voice command like "Turn on Audio Description."
  3. Release the Mic button.
  4. To turn it off, simply press the Mic button and say, “Turn off Audio Description.”

Using your remote

  1. Press the B button on your Ignite Voice Remote to open the Accessibility menu.
  2. Highlight Audio Description and press the OK button to toggle the feature on or off.