Check PVR Recording Space - Atlantic

The following steps will explain how you can check the amount of recording space you have and/or you have used up on your Rogers PVR.

  1. Press [LIST] on your Rogers remote control.
  2. The total amount of disk space used will appear above the list of recordings.
  3. To return to live TV, press the [EXIT] button.


Note: If you are almost out of recording space unfortunately there isn't a warning message. It is recommended that you check the disk space on a regular basis. The recorded shows information panel features a colour-coded bar graph and numerical data for three categories of disk space information. An estimated amount of hard disk space (expressed as a percentage of total hard disk space) that is currently available for additional recordings is displayed in green.

When you are out of recording space the You do not have enough hard disk space to record this show message will appear.