Disabling Parental Controls - Atlantic

The following steps will explain how to temporarily bypass the parental control setup on your digital set top box, by using your parental control PIN.

For your convenience, Parental Controls can be temporarily turned off. When you tune to a blocked channel/program, you can view the channel/program by performing the following:

  1. Press [OK/SELECT] to turn off locking.
    • A menu appears with unlocking options.
  2. Press [A] to unlock the current channels or press [B] to unlock all channels and recordings.
    • A Parental Control PIN request appears.
  3. Enter your 4-digit PIN.
    • A confirmation message appears.
  4. Press [A].

Note: The channel or channels remain unlocked until 5 hours have passed or until you turn off the digital box. The next time you turn on the digital box, all channels, ratings, content, titles and specified times will again be locked.