Record Content with a Pace or Motorola Digital Box - Hamilton

With your Pace or Motorola set top box, you can record Live Television programs, schedule a future recording or record a series.

Record Live Television

  1. While watching a live program, press [REC] on your remote. The set top box will start recording the current program, from the point you pressed [REC] until the scheduled end of the program.
  2. The program will be available in your list of recorded programs for later viewing. You can access this list by pressing [LIST] on your remote.

Schedule a Future Recording from the Guide

  1. Press [GUIDE] on your remote to display the on-screen schedule guide.
  2. Using the direction arrows on your remote, scroll through the schedule until you find the program that you’d like to record.
  3. Highlight the program and press [REC] on your remote. A red dot will appear next to the title you’ve selected, indicating the recording has been successfully scheduled.
  4. After it has been recorded, you can access the recording by pressing [LIST] on your remote.

Schedule a Recording by Searching for a Program Title

  1. Press [MENU] on your remote.
  2. On the menu that appears, select Search.
  3. Select Keyword to search for your program.
  4. Using the remote, enter the title or keywords for the desired program.
  5. Press the [RIGHT ARROW] button until Search Now is highlighted, and press [OK].
  6. A list of results will populate matching your search. Navigate to Auto-Record in the bottom left corner of the menu and press [OK].
  7. A sub menu will allow you to set options for the automatic recordings. To finish, select Auto-record results with these settings.
  8. You can see in the guide which programs are set to auto record as they will display with a red dot and a magnifying glass icon.

Record a Series

  1. Open the on-screen program guide and navigate to find the series you wish to record.
  2. With the title highlighted, press [REC] on the remote twice.
  3. A menu will display. Scroll down to and select Set up a series recording.
  4. The Series Recording menu will appear. There will be three options. You must set them all:
    • Record: Use this if you want to:
      • Record new episodes of a series (Only new episodes) that air
      • Record all episodes excluding duplicates (New and Repeats)
      • Record all instances regardless of duplication (All with duplicates)
    • Save: You can choose how many episodes to save from being overwritten automatically. The default setting is All episodes, but you can change this to between 1 and 7 episodes.
    • Save Until: You can change the overwrite feature here. The default is Space is needed, which will overwrite the oldest recordings if storage reaches capacity. The alternative is to select I delete, which will prompt you to choose a recording to delete when storage reaches capacity.
    • You can select View all settings if you want to:
      • Record episodes only on certain channels
      • Add up to 15 minutes of extra recording time to the beginning and/or the end of the episode
  5. When you have changed the settings to your preferences, complete the setup by selecting Record series with these settings. A confirmation screen will appear.
  6. Programs that are part of a series being recorded are displayed in the on-screen guide with a red dot with two waves to the right of it.