How to Pair the Day/Night HD Camera using the Touchpad

This article is for customers with a Touchpad. Don’t have a Touchpad? Visit this page for your pairing instructions.

Follow these steps to pair your Day/Night HD Camera with the Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Touchpad.

Important: Make sure that your Smart Home Monitoring system is Disarmed. Only pair one Smart Home Monitoring camera at a time.

  1. Connect the camera to the router or gateway with the supplied white Y-cable.
  2. Connect the power adaptor cable to the camera and an outlet.
  3. On the Touchpad, select the Settings app from the Home Screen.
  4. Enter your 4-digit Master Access Code. (The same code that you use to manage your system.)
  5. Under the Categories list, select Home Devices.
  6. Next, choose Cameras, and select Add a Camera.
    • If this is the first camera being paired to the Touchpad, the Touchpad will perform a network test. Tap Next.
    • If this is not the first camera being paired to the Touchpad, the Touchpad will skip the network test.
  7. The Touchpad will attempt to locate the camera.
    • If it’s unable to find the camera, the Touchpad will display Locating Camera with a red X beside it.
      • Tap Back and then Next to try scanning again. Pressing Abort will cancel the pairing process and take you back to the Cameras page.
      • If this doesn’t work, ensure that the camera has power and is connected correctly. If the process still fails, use Reset the Day/Night HD Camera to put the camera back to factory defaults before trying again.
    • Once the Touchpad finds the camera, go to the next step.
  8. Once a camera is displayed and you have verified that the camera found is the one you’re trying to pair to the Touchpad, tap Accept.
  9. The camera will now obtain any firmware updates and load its configuration file. Once done select Next to go to the Camera Edit Screen.
  10. By default, the system assigns a name to your camera. To change the name, tap the Camera Name text field and enter the desired name.
    • Tip: Choose a unique name based on where it’s placed in your home (e.g. main door, patio, etc.).
  11. Adjust the Motion Sensitivity of the camera to the desired level (low, medium, high). Once complete, select Next.
    • Note: This can be adjusted at anytime.
  12. The Touchpad will now do a WiFi test. Unplug the power adaptor, the Y-cable and the Ethernet cable. Then, plug the Ethernet cable to the camera, the DC cable to the Ethernet cable, and the power adaptor to the wall.
  13. Select Verify Camera on the Touchpad. Once a green checkmark appears under Locating Camera, press Next.
  14. Confirm you can see video from the camera on the Touchpad and press Next. The camera pairing is now complete and you can proceed with mounting the camera as desired.

Did you find these instructions didn’t work? Visit this page to try an alternative pairing method using Ethernet.