No A/C Power to the Siren Repeater


  • The siren repeater has no power source.
  • The siren repeater may show up as a Tamper state on the Web Control Centre or touchpad.
  • Status LED (above the "SMC" logo) is blinking very slowly green or red.
    • Status LED will blink with intervals of 1.5 seconds on followed by 1.5 seconds off, then repeats.


  • Power outage to the home
  • Faulty power cord
  • Faulty power outlet
  • A fuse is switched on your electrical panel


  1. Are you experiencing a power failure?
    • If yes check if the issue is resolved once the power failure ends.
    • If no, continue troubleshooting.
  2. If you answer yes to any of the following questions go to step 5.
    • Does the siren repeater or a portion of the device appear to be broken?
    • Has the siren or a portion of the siren repeater become detached previously to this incident?
    • When unplugged, does the siren repeater become obsolete or does the green LED appear?
  3. Try reinserting the siren repeater power cord to a different power outlet.
  4. Check that no fuses are off on your electrical panel.
  5. If the issue is unresolved contact a Smart Home Monitoring Technical Support Consultant at 1 855 381-7840.