Set Program on the Thermostat

The following steps explain how to access the Program screen to make changes on the thermostat without using the Web Control Centre.

To access the PROGRAM screen, press and hold PROG for ten seconds.

Set Time Slot

  1. Touch this area to set the time slot you want to program (MORN, DAY, EVEN, NIGHT).
  2. Set the Program Time.
  3. Touch this area to set the time of day you want each time period to start.


  1. Touch this area to copy current day's program to the next day.

Set Program Day

  1. Touch this area to set the day of the week to program.
  2. Press the UP/DOWN arrows to select the days of the week.
  3. Touch this to set the target temperature for the programmed period.

Home Button

  1. Tap HOME to run your program and return to the home screen.