Using the Call Trace feature

Here’s how and when to use the Call Trace feature:

  1. If you receive an undesirable call, hang up after receiving the call.
    • Whenever possible, take note of the time and date you received it.
  2. Immediately pick up your phone and dial *57 to trace the call.
    • Make note of the time and date you initiated the trace.
    • You can only trace a call once.
    • We store Call Trace information for 3 months.
  3. Wait for the recorded message indicating that the call has been traced and then hang up.
  4. Contact your local police department to report a complaint. Provide them with:
    • The date and time the call was received (whenever possible).
    • The time the call was traced.

Keep in mind:

  • Call Trace information is only released to the authorities upon their request.
  • There is a per use charge applied for this feature.