How to troubleshoot your Ignite Camera Wi-Fi connection

Ignite Camera

The Ignite IndoorTM /Outdoor Camera (Wired)


  • IR LEDs: Provide illumination night or in a dark environment. ​
  • Light Sensor: Provides automatic day and night mode transition.​
  • Lens: Cannot be physically adjusted. Keep it clean.​
  • Power Indicator LED
  • On (solid blue): Working normally.​
  • Flashing (slow blink white): WPS mode.​
  • Flashing (double blink white): Connected to router and ready to pair.​
  • Two-Way Voice (slow blink blue): Someone is talking.​
  • On (solid amber): not connected to a router, or having trouble connecting.

The Ignite Indoor/Outdoor Camera (wired) connects to the internet via your home WiFi network. If it goes offline, try these solutions to repair the connection.

    • Make sure your Ignite Camera is plugged into a working power outlet not controlled by a wall switch.
    • Reset your Ignite Camera.
    • Make sure your home WiFi network is working.
      • On another device (like your smartphone), connect to your home WiFi network and attempt to load a web page.
      • If you have a bad connection, make sure your Ignite WiFi Gateway modem is located in a central location, off the floor and not blocked by furniture or objects.
    • Restart your Ignite WiFi Gateway modem.
    • Make sure you have enough internet bandwidth. You need at least 2 Mbps of download speed on the device accessing the camera to have optimal video playback. You can find out your download speed by running a speed test.
    • Make sure you have the latest version of the Ignite HomeConnectTM app.
    • Check for WiFi interference from other connected devices. You can do this by disconnecting all your devices from your WiFi network, then reconnecting them one at a time, checking your camera connectivity after each reconnect.

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