How to troubleshoot your Ignite Doorbell Camera Wi-Fi connection

Ignite Video Doorbell _EN


Ignite Doorbell CameraTM (Wired)

  • HD Lens: Supports HD video.​
  • Microphone: Designed to capture ambient sound and to support two-way conversation.​
  • Light Sensor: Helps detect daytime and nighttime transitions to support night mode operation.​
  • IR LED: Used to support night mode operation.​
  • Doorbell Button: Rings the indoor wired chime. Provides notification when pressed.​
  • Speaker: Used for two-way conversation.

The doorbell camera connects to the internet via your home Wi-Fi network. If it goes offline, try these solutions to repair the connection.

  • If your doorbell camera is hardwired, reset it by removing the trim plate and inserting a pin into the reset pinhole then gently pressing the button and immediately releasing. (Remember to put the trim plate back when done.)
    • Note: If you press the button for more than 10 seconds, it will reset your device and a technician will be required to fix it.
  • Make sure your home Wi-Fi network is working.
    • On another device (like your smartphone), connect to your home Wi-Fi network and attempt to load a web page.
    • If you have a bad connection, make sure your Ignite Wi-Fi Gateway modem is located in a central location, off the floor and not blocked by furniture or objects.
  • Restart your Ignite Wi-Fi Gateway modem.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Ignite HomeConnectTMapp.
  • Check for Wi-Fi interference from other connected devices. You can do this by disconnecting all your devices from your Wi-Fi network, then reconnecting them one at a time, checking your doorbell camera connectivity after each reconnect.

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