Manage audio for Ignite Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Use the Ignite HomeConnectTM app to turn on camera sound and use 2-way audio. The 2-way audio feature allows you to hear what’s happening around your cameras when viewing live video and talk through the camera speakers.

This article is for customers using the Ignite HomeConnect app. Using the Smart Home Monitoring app? Visit this page for your pairing instructions.

Turn On Camera Sound

  1. Download the Ignite Home Connect app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Sign in with your MyRogers username and password.
  3. Select the Security tab
  4. Select the camera thumbnail
  5. Select the Settings icon on the upper-right corner of the camera screen.
  6. Select Camera Sound
  7. Select the On/Off switch to turn on the sound.
  8. Return to the camera screen and select Talk 
  9. Allow the Ignite HomeConnect app access to your phone's microphone when prompted.

Have multiple cameras? Repeat these steps to turn on 2-way audio for each one.

Using 2-way audio

  1. Select the Security tab
  2. Select the camera thumbnail
  3. Select the Talk button to speak through the camera speaker
  4. Select Done to end the conversation. 

Note: Video recorded prior to turning on camera sound won’t have audio. Microphones are turned off until you enable camera sound. Access to your phone’s microphone can be revoked at any time from your phone settings.