Watch and download live 24/7 Video Recording

You can use the Ignite HomeConnectTM app to watch and download live videos and event clips recorded when your 24/7 Video Recording cameras detect activity. You can also use the app to filter and download your video clips for easy viewing.

This article is for customers using the Ignite HomeConnectTM app. Using the Smart Home Monitoring app? Visit this page for your pairing instructions.

Watching videos in the app

  1. Download the Ignite HomeConnect app from the App Store or Google Play if you haven’t already.
  2. Sign in with your MyRogers username and password.
  3. Select the Security
  4. Go to the camera you want and select the camera thumbnail.
  5. Each camera screen shows a live view from the camera, a timeline and a list of all bookmarked motion event clips.
  6. When viewing live video in the app for the doorbell camera with sound enabled, select the Audio icon in the bottom right corner to mute or unmute the audio.
  7. If you want to limit the kinds of motion events in the list (e.g., videos with people):
    • Select Filter, then choose what to filter by.
    • Select X to clear the filter.
  8. You can limit the motion detection area by turning on the Camera area.
    • Note: Activity that occurs outside the customized camera area won't generate a motion event clip in the list but will still be viewable in the timeline.
  9. Select a motion event image to play the clip.
  10. You can play a motion event by selecting an icon (people, pets, vehicles or deliveries), an event marker (orange circle) or a date and time on the timeline.
    • Note: The option to filter by deliveries is only available for the Ignite Doorbell CameraTM (Wired).
  11. Use the video playback controls to pause/play the clip or to go to a specific point in the clip.
    • Select Replay to play the event again.
    • Select Play More to play the next clip.
    • Select Save to download the clip.

Note: Motion event clips are only stored in the cloud for 7 days. Download any clips that you want to keep for a longer period.

Downloading motion event video clips

  1. Select the Security
  2. Choose a camera and select the camera thumbnail.
  3. Select the motion event clip you want to save.
  4. Select the download arrow at the upper-right of the screen. Your clip will be saved to the default location on your device.

Tip: Select Filter to show clips containing either people, vehicles or pets to quickly find what you’re looking for.