Set Up Profiles to Manage Devices with Ignite HomeConnect

You can use Ignite HomeConnectTM to set up personalized profiles for family members, guests or activities. Once created, these profiles let you easily pause access, turn on Parental Controls or Downtime Schedules, set up Active Time Limits and more for devices connected to your home WiFi network.

Ignite HomeConnect is available exclusively for Rogers Internet customers with the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. Not sure if this is your modem? Check under “Internet” on your MyRogers account.

  1. Open the Ignite HomeConnect and sign in using your MyRogers username and password.
  2. Select WiFi.
  3. Select the Plus icon + or Add a person and follow the prompts.
  4. Select Manage people.
  5. Select Assign devices and choose the devices you want to associate to the new profile.

Once set up, the new profile will appear under the Manage People section where you can always set up or connect more devices later simply by selecting Assign a Device. For each profile, you’ll be able to view connected devices at a glance, pause access or select the profile for more details.

Things to consider:

  • Select the settings icon settings icon for more customization options, including Downtime Sechedules, Active Time Limits and Parental Controls. These will apply to all devices assigned to the profile except Ignite EntertainmentTM Boxes – both of which cannot be paused so your service is not interrupted.

Assigning devices to preset profiles

From Manage people, select Assign these recommended devices and you’ll see two optional profiles that you can assign devices to:

  • Household profile: great for smart home or other devices used by multiple people in the home.
  • Guest profile: great for managing the devices connected by visiting friends or family members.