How do I connect my YouTube account to Ignite Streaming?

  1. Open the YouTube app using a voice command or via the Ignite Streaming apps menu.
  2. Select Sign in. You will be given an activation code.
  3. On a web browser, visit youtube.com/activate on your computer or device and sign in using your YouTube account info, then enter the code when prompted. This will activate your YouTube account on Ignite Streaming, and next time you open the app you’ll be signed in.

Do I need a YouTube account to access YouTube content on Ignite Streaming?

No, you can simply open the app to browse content, but if you want to make your own playlists, set favourites and more, you’ll need to sign up for and sign into your own account.

Can I find YouTube videos using voice search?


From anywhere in Ignite Streaming, simply include the word “YouTube” in your voice command.

For example, press and hold the ‘blue mic button’ on your voice remote say: “Cat videos on YouTube”.

Keep in mind: Remember to include “YouTube” in your voice search – even when you’re in the YouTube app.

How do I add or remove an account on the YouTube app?

To add:

  1. Sign in to the YouTube app on Ignite Streaming.
  2. Open the main menu.
  3. Select Accounts.
  4. Select the account of the signed-in user.
  5. Select Add Account.
  6. Sign in to the new YouTube account using its account info.

Note: After connecting multiple accounts to the YouTube app, you can switch between them any time under Accounts in the main YouTube menu.

To remove:

  1. Open the main menu.
  2. Select Accounts.
  3. Select the account you want to remove.
  4. Select the X icon.
  5. Select Remove. The account will be removed.

Why am I receiving an error message when I try to watch my purchased content on YouTube?

The YouTube app on Ignite Streaming does not support watching purchased content.

How can I watch YouTube content in 4K on Ignite Streaming?

Your 4K TV must be set to a resolution of 2160p30 or 2160p60.

To access 4K content on the YouTube app on Ignite Streaming, simply search “4K” within the app to find 4K content. 4K videos will be marked with the following badge: support-iptv-4k-icon-rogers-en