Launch app on Ignite TV or Streaming

The app offers customers a free, ad-supported video streaming service. gives customers access to more than 10,000 movies and series in HD quality across a variety of genres, including action, comedy, family and kids, health and lifestyle, horror and thriller.

You can access the app using the voice command of your remote or in the apps section of your Ignite TV or Streaming menu (the app is available in English only).

The app is free to Rogers Ignite bundle and Ignite StreamingTM customers.

Using the app counts toward your monthly internet data usage.

Here’s how you can open the app:

Using Voice Command

  1. Press and hold the Mic button on your Ignite Voice Remote.
  2. Say, “”
  3. The app will open.

Using the Ignite TV or Streaming menu

  1. Press the Rogers button on your Ignite Voice Remote to open the main menu.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Select and press OK.
  4. The app will open.