Using Voice Commands

Say it and Ignite TVTM will show it. It’s that easy. 

How to use voice command


  1. Press and hold the Mic button on your Ignite Voice Remote. 
  2. Say a voice command into the Ignite Voice Remote. 
  3. Release the Mic button. Ignite TV will display results based on your voice command.

Examples of voice commands

Change the channel
  • “Sportsnet.”
  • “Watch Channel 810.”
  • “Find the Discovery Channel.”
Search for movies and TV shows
  • “Find Pitch Perfect.” 
  • “Hockey Night in Canada.”
  • “Play Season One of Friends.”
Find an actor, director, music artist or personality
  • “Tom Cruise.”
  • “Search for Taylor Swift.”
  • “Movies directed by Tim Burton.”
Explore sports by team, event, school and more
  • “Golf.”
  • “Turn on the Leafs game.”
  • “What sports games are on now?”
Get recommendations and find out what’s popular
  • “What should I watch?”
  • “Show me more like Moana.”
  • “Trending action movies.” 
Browse your On Demand options
  • “HBO On Demand.” 
  • “Free movies for kids.”
  • “Shows that are free for me.” 
Find titles with accessibility features
  • “Turn on Closed Captioning.”
  • “Show me movies with Video Description.”
Control your PVR functionality
  • “Go back to the beginning.”
  • “Skip ahead one minute.”
Open an app
  • “Stocks.”
  • “Open the Traffic app.”
  • “What’s my horoscope?”
Record a program
  • “Start recording this episode.”
  • “Record this entire series.” 

Good to know: You can also find TV shows and movies by speaking a quote from the program into your Voice Remote. It will either show you titles related to the quote or start playing the program at the time of the quote.