What is Google Play Rogers Billing?

With Google Play Rogers Billing you can purchase digital content using compatible Android™ devices and have those purchases applied to your Rogers bill. It’s an easy, convenient and secure method for purchasing digital content without having to provide an online merchant with your credit card information.

What purchases can be made using Google Play Rogers Billing?

Only digital content can be purchased, not physical goods like clothes or groceries. Examples of digital content that can be purchased using Google Play Rogers Billing include online games, music, e-books, and so on.

Who can access my personal data that I provide to Rogers?

Personal data you have provided to Rogers can only be accessed by an authorized Rogers employee.

What are the requirements for Google Play Rogers Billing?

  • You must be using an Android device.
  • There’s a $100 monthly spending limit per bill cycle for each wireless number.
  • Only digital content is eligible.
  • You must have a Rogers monthly account and/or a Rogers Pay As You Go™ account.
  • You must have or create a MyRogers ™account.

How do I sign up for Google Play Rogers Billing?

You’ll need to set yourself up on Google Wallet™. To begin, refer to Google’s Install or purchase apps & digital content page for more information, by clicking here.

How do I make a payment using Google Play Rogers Billing?

If Rogers Billing is a payment option for your Google Play purchase, select it. 

How will Google Play Rogers Billing charges display on my Rogers bill?

Once your details are confirmed, your purchase will be added to your next Rogers bill, or for Pay As You Go customers, deducted from your Pay As You Go credit.


You will receive an email receipt from Google Play confirming that a purchase has been made and that the transaction was successful. This can be used to review the charges breakdown.

Why is Google Play Rogers Billing not available to me?

There are a number of reasons why Google Play Rogers Billing might not be available to you. Some of the reasons are stated in the error messages you would receive, including:


  • The charge exceeds your monthly spending limit.
  • Your mobile account is temporarily suspended, terminated or has an outstanding balance.
  • Your device is connected to a Wi-Fi mobile network for data access – not the Rogers Wireless Network.
  • Other general Google Play-related issues.

What is the monthly spending limit and can it be changed?

The monthly spending limit for each wireless account is $100. This limit cannot be changed.

Will Rogers customers be charged taxes on purchases made via Google Play Rogers Billing?

All taxes will be included in the total of your purchase. See your Google Play receipt for the breakdown of taxes and fees.

Will switching SIM cards affect my Google Play Rogers Billing service?

If you replace your SIM card in your device with a SIM card from another carrier, you will not be able to use Google Play Rogers Billing. If you replace your original Rogers SIM card with a new Rogers SIM, you will still be able to use the service.

If I’m not satisfied with my purchase, how can I get a refund?

If you are not satisfied with your download, you can return it within two hours for a full refund. If the return period has passed, we recommend contacting the app developer directly. You can find an app developer's contact information listed on an app or game's details page on Google Play, or on your invoice.


For more information on returns, please click here.

Can purchases made from my computer be charged to my Rogers bill?

Unfortunately, no. Google Play Rogers Billing is available for purchases made from your compatible Android™ device only.

Who do I contact for questions regarding a product I’ve purchased using Google Play Rogers Billing?

You should contact the merchant that you made a purchase from for any product questions.

Why can’t I see the Google Play Rogers Billing option on my device?

In order for Google Play Rogers Billing to work properly, make sure:

  • You are connected via a Rogers Wireless Network such as 4G, 3G and 2G. For more information on Android device requirements click here.
  • You install the most current Android and Google Play updates.

You can troubleshoot device hardware issues by following these steps:


  1. Power on your device, ensuring no SIM card is in it.
  2. Power off the device.
  3. Insert a Rogers SIM Card.
  4. Power the device on.
  5. Make sure your device is connected to the Rogers Wireless Network and that data is enabled.

Which devices are compatible with Google Play Rogers Billing?

All devices with an Android 2.2 platform and Google Play 3.5 and higher are compatible. For more information on Android device requirements click here.

Do I need a Gmail account to use Google Play Rogers Billing?

Yes. In order for Google Play Rogers Billing to work properly on your device, you’ll need a valid Gmail account. You will receive an email receipt/invoice from Google after each purchase/refund transaction. The email receipt contains detailed information regarding the transaction for your future reference.

Can I use apps purchased through Google Play Rogers Billing across multiple devices?

Your app purchases are tied to your Google account and can be installed an unlimited number of times on any devices associated with your Gmail address.

If you are asked to pay for an app you’ve already purchased using Google Play Rogers Billing on an existing or previously-used device, you might be using a different Google account than the one you were using at the time you made your purchase. Please choose the correct Google account, which you easily can do via the Google Play menu.

Please note that free apps are not saved to My Apps if you’ve removed them from your device.


If you are still being prompted for a payment you’ve previously made, please contact the developer with the purchase receipt.