How to send a picture or video from your Android phone

One of your smartphone’s best features is the camera. Here’s how to share and send the photos you’ve taken and videos you’ve shot.

Sending pictures and videos from the messages screen

Keep in mind: Every Android phone model is slightly different, but all types should follow the basic steps outlined below.

  1. Select Messages or Messaging, depending on your phone model. You can also select the messaging option in the app you use for texting.
  2. Select the text conversation for the person with whom you’d like to share your picture or video.
  3. Beside the area or box where you type your message, you’ll find an icon or graphic for adding a picture or video. Depending on your phone model, you may see one of these 3 icons:
    support-wireless-send-pictures-videos-1-rogers-en  support-wireless-send-pictures-videos-2-rogers-en  support-wireless-send-pictures-videos-3-rogers-en
    Select the correct icon for your phone.
  4. A new screen will then open displaying pictures and videos. Tap on the picture or video you wish to send.
  5. Your selection will then be attached or added to your text message.

Alternatively, you can tap the Camera button to access the Camera feature on your phone, so you can take a new picture or video for sending.

Some helpful tips:

  1. Please turn on your data. Sending a picture or video to another mobile phone does not use data, but you will need to turn on your data to send or receive.
  2. You can send a picture or video to multiple recipients at the same time. Just add them all to the field at the top of your message pane.
  3. If you want to send a saved picture or video from your Photo/Video gallery:
    • Go to or access your gallery;
    • Select the picture or video you wish to send.
    • Tap the share icon support-wireless-send-pictures-videos-share-rogers-en and select the Messages app to start sending to the recipient of your choice.