What are third party charges?

This refers to content like apps, games, music and books from third party storefronts such as Google Play and Blackberry App World that you can charge to your monthly Rogers bill. These services require explicit consent and authorization before you make a purchase to your account. For one-time charges, a typical authorization would require you to click a button on your Rogers wireless device to confirm consent. For subscription services, a ‘double opt-in’ (you place the initial order, then confirm again once you receive the details) is required to confirm consent.

1. Always read the Terms & Conditions before signing up.

Things to look out for:

  • Is it a one-time purchase or an ongoing subscription?
  • How many times will you be charged per month and how often will you receive messages?

2. Review your monthly bill, and get in touch with us if you have any concerns about any third parties charges.

Make it a habit to review your monthly bill, including the section that outlines third party charges.

3. Educate your kids about third party charges.

If you have a child with a mobile phone, take the time to explain third party charges to them and the risks around costly bills and unwanted purchases. They may respond reactively to in-game credits without fully understanding the costs associated with it.

4. Keep your phone in a safe place.

This helps to minimize the risk of another person using your phone without your knowledge.

5. If necessary, we can block third party charges on your account.

If you’re having issues with third party charges, contact us