Update Samsung Device Software Using Samsung Kies

The following steps explain how to update your Samsung device software using Samsung Kies.

  1. Open the Samsung Kies software.
    • If you don't have Samsung Kies installed, click here to download and install the software.
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of Samsung Kies installed.
    • Click Help.
    • Select Check for updates.
  3. Connect your device to the computer.
  4. Make sure that Samsung Kies recognizes your device by looking in the upper section of the left-bar navigation menu. Your device should be listed there.
  5. Once Samsung Kies recognizes the device you will see the following pop-up: support-wireless-samsung-kies-firmware-rogers-en 

    Firmware versions shown will vary

  6. Click Update.
  7. Read through the Caution pop-up and, if you agree, click to populate the I have read all of the above information checkbox.
  8. Read the Allow saving of information statement and select Allow saving or Proceed without saving and then click Start upgrade.
  9. Kies will begin downloading firmware upgrade components from Samsung servers.
  10. After a few minutes, Kies will begin transferring the firmware to the device.
    • During the upgrade process, you will see the Android logo on yourdevices screen.
  11. After a few more minutes, the firmware upgrade will be completed.
  12. Click OK.