Change Display and Aspect Ratio Settings on Navigatr - Ontario

The following steps explain how you can configure the aspect ratio on your digital set top box.

  1. Press [SETTINGS] on the remote control and select Appearance from the settings
  2. The Appearance options window will appear. There will be three options to select and modify:
    • TV Type - used to configure HD setting according to TV and HD
    • Video Output - used to change the Video Aspect.
    • Note: Set to Normal or Stretch for Optimal
    • VOD Resolution - If the display is connected through HDMI, changes to this setting will note have any
  3. TV Type settings configure the HD settings on your DSTB in accordance with the TV that is being used. There are 4 possible settings that can be chosen for TV Type:
    • 16:9 SDTV - will provide a widescreen Standard Definition image.
    • 4:3 SDTV - is used with Standard Tube TVs. Selecting this setting on a widescreen TV will produce bars on the left and right of the screen.
    • 1080i HDTV -is the optimal setting used for full functionality of your High Definition digital set top box.
    • 720p HDTV - used for a lesser HD resolution.
  4. Select appropriate TV Type/Resolution (720p or 1080i), a window will appear with the following message:
    • "To verify if this is the correct setting for your TV, choose Begin Test"
  5. Choose Begin Test, to verify this is the correct setting for your TV.
    • If you don’t see anything during this test (black screen), wait 15 seconds and then choose another
  6. A second window, which is only displayed for 15 seconds, will appear with the selected resolution and message:
    • "If you can see this screen, your your display supports ___ resolution. Select Confirm to keep the setting or Cancel to revert to your original resolution”.support-screencapture-ChangeRatio6
  7. Select Keep Setting or Begin Test Again.
    • Your picture will be set to the desired resolution that you’ve selected and will return to the original settings window.
    • Press [EXIT] on your remote control to clear the Settings menu from the screen and you are now set to watch TV in your HD resolution
    • If you don’t make a selection within the 15 seconds that the resolution selection window is displayed or 15 seconds of having the black screen displayed, you will be prompted to Choose another setting or Begin test