Change Purchase PIN - Atlantic

The following steps explain how to change the purchase PIN using the Interactive Program Guide.

Note: There is no default 0000 code on Atlantic digital terminals. It is entirely the customer’s choice to have the code or not. On all PVR’s, the Parental Control and Purchase Codes are separate codes and can be different.

  1. Press the [MENU] button twice to go to General Settings.
    • Note: remotes without a [D] button press [SETTINGS].
  2. Highlight Purchasing and press [OK/SELECT] or the [Right] arrow.
  3. Highlight Change PIN and press [OK/SELECT].
    • A dialog box will open and ask you to enter your current personalized PIN.
  4. Once you’ve entered the current PIN, another dialog box will appear and ask you to enter your new personalized PIN.
  5. When prompted enter your new PIN again for confirmation.
  6. Highlight Locking Status and press [OK/SELECT] or [Right] arrow.
  7. Highlight ON and press [OK/SELECT].
  8. Highlight PIN Status and press [OK/SELECT] or [Right] arrow.
  9. Highlight PIN Required and press [OK/SELECT].