Change the Resolution Settings on Motorola Digital Box - Hamilton

The following steps explain how to change the resolution settings on a Motorola digital box.

  1. Turn on your TV and digital box.
  2. Push the [SETTINGS] or [MENU] button on your remote to view the User Settings screen. 
    • Use the left and right arrow buttons on your remote to cycle through the different options for the setting that is selected.
    • Use the up and down arrow buttons to navigate up and down on the list of settings.
  3. Make sure the following options are optimally set for your television:
    • TV Type Allows you to adjust the picture depending on the shape of your television. If you have a wide screen television, set the picture to 16:9. If not, you can use either 4:3 Letterbox or 4:3 Pan and Scan.
    • PbPr Output Adjusts the resolution of the picture. 1080i and 720p settings are optimal for HD TVs, while 480p and 480i are best for standard definition TVs. You can also set the digital box to display in Native mode, which shows the content in the resolution it is naturally broadcast in.
    • 4:3 OverrideAllows you to change how standard definition content is displayed on your television. Stretch mode will cause the picture to expand so that it fills the full screen, whereas other options will display the content with black bars on either side, so that the image appears in its natural resolution.
  4. Press the [POWER] button on your remote to exit User Settings.