Enhanced Info Bar - Ontario

The following explain the features available when you press INFO on your Rogers remote control.

Pressing [INFO] on your Rogers remote while watching a program in the new enhanced guide of your NextBox Terminal will allow you to quickly select the following features for the channel and or program:

support-icon-Record a Program

Record a Program

  • Select the Record tab to record the current show that you are watching. This record option is usually used to record a single episode or a show that has already started.
support-icon-Record Series

Record Series

  • Select the Record Series tab to schedule a series recording.
  • A series recording lets you schedule multiple recordings of the show that you’ve selected, based on its broadcasting schedule.
  • The Record Series settings will appear, letting you customize how the series is recorded (i.e. all episodes/new episodes only, etc.).
support-icon-Set as Fav

Set as Favourite/Unset as Favourite

  • Select the heart tab to set the present channel that you are viewing as a Favourite.
  • The tab can also be used to unset the channel as a favourite.
support-icon-Block Channel

Add Channel to Block List

  • Select the lock tab, to Block the current channel.
    • This tab can also be used on recorded content, so that it cannot be viewed and/or deleted).
    • The Parental Control PIN will be needed to unblock/re-access the channel that you’ve blocked.

Play/Stop a Recording

  • Use the Play and Stop tabs while watching a recorded program on your PVR.
  • These tabs can also appear and can be used when watching content on VOD/Rogers on Demand.
support-icon-Video Output Toggle

Video Output Toggle (Aspect Ratio)

  • Select the Video Output tab to toggle the picture among Normal, Stretch, Zoom 25% and Zoom 50% picture formats. This option is used to change the pictures aspect ratio.
  • This tab is similar to the # key on your Rogers remote control.
support-icon-Closed Caption

Closed Caption Toggle

  • Select the CC tab to toggle on/off the closed captioning.
  • With the RTN-Enhanced Guide, this is the only way to turn closed captioning on and off.
support-icon-Recording Options

Recording Options

  • Select the Recording Options Tab to open a menu with options to:
    • Restart Recording.
    • Stop Recording.
    • Change Recording Options (i.e. Save Until I Delete).
    • Record Series instead of just one episode.

Delete a Recorded Program

  • Select the Delete tab to delete the recording that is currently being watched and go back to the last Live TV channel that you were watching.

Purchase an Upcoming PPV Event/Movie (Only on PPV Channels)

  • Use the Buy tab to purchase a movie or event on any Pay-Per-View channel.
    • This tab will only appear on channels that are flagged as PPV content.

Cancel Purchase (Only on PPV Channels)

  • Use the Cancel Purchase tab to cancel any pre-purchased movie or event on Pay-Per-View. This tab will appear on channels flagged as PPV Content and will only appear in the info banner after an event or movie has been pre-purchased.
  • Pay-Per-View cancellation rules/regulations will apply to any content that has been purchased. (Any X-rated content that is purchased will be billed full value, if cancelled at any time after the program has started.