How to restart shows on Ignite TV

Missed the beginning of your favourite show? No worries! Read on to learn how to use the Restart feature on Ignite TV to go back to the start of shows and movies on live TV.

  1. Make sure the show or movie you’re watching is eligible to be restarted.
    • Option 1: Find your show or movie in the Guide and check for the Replay icon next to its title.
    • Option 2: Press the Info button on your Ignite Voice Remote and check for “Restart” in the bottom-right corner.
  2. On your Ignite Voice Remote, press and hold the Mic button.
  3. Say, “Restart.” Ignite TV will automatically restart the show or movie you’re watching.

Note: Just like live TV, you can’t fast-forward during a program you’ve Restarted.