How to use Closed Captioning on Ignite TV

When turned on, this feature enables closed captioning (subtitles) on all applicable movies and TV shows. 

Activating and deactivating Closed Captioning

Turn Closed Captioning on or off for applicable programs by following these instructions.

Using a voice command

  1. Press and hold the Mic button on your Ignite Voice Remote. 
  2. Use a voice command like “Turn on closed captioning or ‘Turn off closed captioning”

Using your remote

  1. Press the B button  on your Ignite Voice Remote to open the accessibility menu 
  2. Highlight Closed Captioning and use the OK button to toggle the feature on or off

Customizing Closed Captioning

Personalize the appearance of your subtitles by following these instructions. 

  1. Press the B button on your Ignite Voice Remote to open the Accessibility menu.
  2. Select Closed Captioning Options
  3. Select your preferred settings (font size, colour and format). 
  4. If you want to choose a different font, background or window style, proceed to Closed Captioning Style, select Custom, then select your preferred settings