Modify a Recording on Navigatr Guide - Ontario

The following explains how to modify a recording through the Rogers Navigatr guide.

  1. Press [LIST] to display the recordings.
  2. Scroll to the show you want to modify and press [OK/SELECT].
  3. Select Manage and press [OK/SELECT].support-tv-navigatr-modify-recording-on-settings-scheduled-rogers-en
  4. In this menu, you can modify the following:
    • How long the recording will be saved for
    • Select the time you want to start the recording
    • Select the time you want to end the recordingsupport-tv-navigatr-modify-recording-on-settings-time-rogers-en
  5. After making the changes, highlight Update Recording Settings and press [OK/SELECT] to save the changes.support-tv-navigatr-modify-recording-on-settings-update-recording-rogers-en
  6. When prompted, select Yes to confirm the changes.support-tv-navigatr-modify-recording-on-settings-confirm-rogers-fr