Modify a Series Recording on a NextBox - Ontario

The following steps explain how to modify a series recording using the enhanced guide on a NextBox.

  1. Press [LIST] twice.
  2. Scroll to the show you want to modify, press [OK/SELECT].support-tv-nextbox-modify-recording-on-settings-list-rogers-en
  3. Highlight Modify Series and press [OK/SELECT].support-tv-nextbox-modify-recording-on-settings-series-rogers-en
  4. In this menu, you can modify the following:
    • Channel – shows the channel the recording is set for
    • Episodes – select New Episodes or All Episodes
    • Time – select This timeslot only or Any timeslot
    • Day – select This day of the week only or Any day
    • Save Until – select how long the recording will be saved for
    • Lock – when selected to Lock, the NextBox will lock to the recorded channel while recording
    • Start – select what time to start recording
    • Stop – select what time to stop recording
  5. After modifying the parameters, highlight Save and press [OK/SELECT].support-tv-nextbox-modify-recording-on-settings-save-rogers-en