Set or Cancel Reminders for Channels - Ontario

The following will explain how to set up/cancel reminders for channels/shows that are about to air using the Interactive Program Guide.

To Set a Timer

  1. Press [GUIDE].
  2. Highlight the program you want to set the reminder for and press [OK/SELECT].
  3. Select Set a Reminder Time and press [OK/SELECT].
    • The program will appear in the guide with the name in green.support-sreen capture-SG Reminders2

To Cancel a Timer

  1. Press [SETTINGS] twice, the Quick Menu will appear.
  2. Scroll to General Settings and press [OK/SELECT].
  3. Highlight Timer and press [OK/SELECT].
  4. Highlight the event timer you wish to cancel and press the [C].support-sreen capture-SG Reminders3