Use a PIN for Rogers on Demand movie rentals

Do I need a PIN to rent a movie on Rogers On Demand?

In Ontario

Yes, a pin is required to purchase any movies or shows that have a cost associated with them. The default PIN is 0000. 

NOTE: In the general settings of the Digital set-top box you can disable the Purchasing PIN feature.

In Newfoundland and New Brunswick

No, you do not need a PIN to rent movies if you have not set up your PIN. Your purchasing PIN is not set by default on your Digital set-top box. To set your PIN follow these steps:

  1. Press SETTINGS twice and the General Settings menu appear.
  2. Scroll to Purchasing and press OK/SELECT to change/set your Purchase Control PIN.
  3. Scroll to Change PIN and press OK/SELECT.
  4. Press A.
  5. A PIN entry screen appears. Enter your personalized PIN (it must be 4 digits in length).
  6. Re-enter your personalized PIN. Your PIN has been created!Be sure you note your PIN or make it easy to remember".

TIP: Rogers recommends you use the same PIN for both Parental Controls and Purchasing to make it easier for you to remember. In order to use the Parental Control and Purchasing PINs ensure they are active in their settings and set to ON.

Note: Be sure you note your PIN or make it easy to remember. After 3 failed attempts at entering your PIN, it will be deactivated. If you've forgotten your PIN, or would like to have it reactivated, Contact Us.