Use the TV Mix Feature on Navigatr Guide - Ontario

The following steps explain how to access and use the TV Mix feature on the Navigatr guide.

  1. Press [MENU] on your Rogers remote.
  2. Scroll to Apps and press [OK/SELECT].support-screen capture-UseTVMix1
  3. Scroll to TV Mixes and press [OK/SELECT].support-screen capture-UseTVMix2
  4. Highlight one of the following themes and press [OK/SELECT]:
    • TV Mix - Kids
    • TV Mix - News
    • TV Mix - Sportssupport-screen capture-UseTVMix3
  5. When the TV Mix screen appears, one program will be highlighted.
    • The audio will only work on the selected channel.
  6. Use the arrow keys on the Rogers remote to highlight a different channel.
    • To tune to the highlighted channel, press [OK/SELECT].support-screen capture-UseTVMix4
  7. The TV Mix will activate a screensaver after a predetermined time which will darken the screen.
    • Press a button on your remote to reset the screensaver.
  8. To exit TV Mixes, simply press the [Channel Up] or [Channel Down] button.

Note: Channels that have not been subscribed to will be available for viewing with audio but you will not be able to tune to the channel. A message will prompt stating Channel Not Authorized.