View Recorded Program Using Whole Home PVR

The following steps explain how to view recorded programs using the NextBox with Whole Home PVR.

Note: Whole Home PVR will support up to 8 set top boxes total in Ontario or 4 set top boxes in New Brunswick or Newfoundland. Combinations can include up to 1 NextBox HD PVRs and up to 7 additional NextBox HD Terminals or 2 NextBox HD PVR’s and up to 6 additional NextBox HD Terminals. Customers can playback programs in 4 rooms at once (3 playbacks from a NextBox HD Terminal and the NextBox HD PVR the program is saved on).

Viewing a Recorded Program Using Whole Home PVR:

  1. Press [LIST] on the Rogers remote.
  2. Using the [Left] and [Right] arrows on the remote, highlight By PVR on the top
  3. All shows that are recorded will be listed by the PVR that they are recorded to. Using the arrows on the remote, highlight desired program to watch and press [OK/SELECT].
  4. Using the arrows on the remote, highlight Play and press [OK/SELECT]. The program will begin to