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Over 400 HD movies from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s every month—all uncut and commercial-free.

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Hollywood Suite On Demand, ch. 485

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Hundreds of uncut and commercial-free movies every month

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70s hit movies on channel 486


A decade of shifting cultural attitudes inspired groundbreaking films. Ch. 486.

80s hit movies on channel 487


In the “greed-is-good” 80s, movies responded to growing public anxieties or provided a break from reality. Ch. 487.

90s hit movies on channel 488


Filmmakers experimented with digital technologies and helped us figure out our place in a fast-changing world. Ch. 488.

2000s hit movies on channel 489


As technology brings us closer, movies continue to inspire and entertain while addressing the changing times. Ch. 489.

Order Hollywood Suite today! Go to channel 485 on Digital TV or say "Hollywood Suite" into the voice remote on Ignite TV