Advanced Security with Ignite Internet

Advanced Security with Ignite Internet

Get our most secure WiFi

Enjoy peace of mind for your life online with Advanced Security for Ignite InternetTM1. Get intelligent around-the-clock protection against cyberthreats for your connected home.

Now available and included with all new Ignite Internet packages and bundles.

Real-time data Security


Monitor. Block. Inform.

Connect with confidence and keep your personal information safe from outside threats with Advanced Security, which provides continuous cyberthreat protection for all your connected devices. Plus, it helps prevent your family from accidentally visiting malicious sites that may contain malware, spyware, ransomware or viruses.

A collection of smart home devices


Smarter homes need smarter cyber security

Advanced Security offers an added layer of defense for all devices connected to your home network, from smartphones to smart cameras. Help secure your home against hackers looking to gain access to your data or devices.