Television (TV) accessibility

Hearing and speech solutions

Below, learn more about the features that make Ignite TV and our Digital TV services accessible and usable for users who have hearing or speech impairments.

Closed captioning

Also known as subtitles, closed captioning displays the audio portion of a television program as on-screen text, including dialogue, music and sound effects. Closed captioning can be activated on Ignite TV or any of our Digital TV services. Rogers provides all closed captioning provided by Canadian and foreign television services.

Closed captioning on Ignite TV

How to turn on closed captioning on Ignite TV:
  1. Press and hold the Mic button on the Voice Remote.
  2. Say, "Captions," or "Turn on closed captioning."
  3. Release the Mic button.
  4. Subtitles, if available, will appear on any program you watch until you turn closed captioning off.

How to turn on closed captioning for just one program:
  1. While tuned to the program, press the OK button on the Voice Remote.
  2. Press the left-arrow button.
  3. Select the "CC" icon on the screen.
  4. Subtitles will appear for the duration of the program.

You can also visit the page to learn how to customize the appearance of your closed captioning.

Closed captioning on Digital TV

How to turn on closed captioning on Digital TV:

If you have a High Definition set-top box: Use the Info and Settings buttons on your Rogers remote to activate closed captioning or to customize its appearance (i.e. font size and on-screen placement).

If you have a Standard Definition set-top box: Closed captioning needs to be turned on via your TV, not your set-top box. This can be done via your TV’s settings menu.

How is closed captioning generated?

Many people think that captions are created automatically by computers. In fact, captions are created by highly skilled individuals known as captioners. Computers aren’t advanced enough yet to accurately caption the content in live television broadcasts.

The hardest part of a captioner’s job is to caption live programming, like news and sports, because the captions must be created at the same time as the broadcast.

This video explains how live captioners create accurate captions in real time.

Watch with American Sign Language

Watch with Closed Captioning

Added benefits for qualifying customers

Rogers also offers the following benefits for qualifying customers:

  • One free remote with larger buttons
  • 30% off Ignite TV bundles

If you have an accessibility need or a disability, you might be eligible for a discounted Ignite service.

To apply for the discount, please send your name, account number, phone number and a copy of the proof of membership to a disability association to:

Rogers Special Discounts team at AccessibilityDiscount@cx.rogers.com

  • Subject line: Escalations for Accessibility Discount: BT:2313

Contact Us

The Rogers Accessibility Services Group is dedicated to addressing our customers’ individual accessibility needs. Contact us by any of these methods:

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