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Help your team get the job done remotely with one solution

Microsoft 365 is an all-in-one communications system that every employee can use from anywhere on any device.

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Update: Rogers is now Canada’s largest operator partner of Microsoft Teams solutions and is the first in Canada to offer Operator Connect Mobile, a new all-in-one communications and collaboration solution built on Microsoft Teams! Learn more here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has relegated millions of workers across Canada and throughout the world to their homes, creating unprecedented demand for remote work solutions. With plenty of options out there to choose from, the question that many businesses now face is, How do I choose the best communications tool for my workforce so we can continue to collaborate effectively?

Before adding yet another tool to a list of proprietary communications tools your business probably already uses, imagine how much more efficient and productive collaboration would be if all your communications needs were met by a single system, not only in the workplace, but for everyone from anywhere on any device.

Well, if your business is already using Microsoft 365, then Microsoft 365 Business Voice is the solution you’re looking for, and here’s why:

Consolidate all your communication and collaboration needs in one place

An optional feature of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams enables online chat and meeting capabilities in addition to integrating with Outlook for seamless email and scheduling. Teams also makes it easy to create, edit and share Microsoft 365 files—such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel files—in real time during online meetings. Until now, the one communication feature Teams didn’t include was calling.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice changes that by adding voice to an already impressive roster of communication tools available in Teams and increasing the agility of online meetings. For one thing, every employee gets a single phone number that applies to all their devices—from their smartphone to their laptop to their desk phone—practically ensuring everyone’s reachability. This unique feature enables you to easily and seamlessly switch from a voice conference to video, share your screen, share files and message or call another contact to join all in a series of simple clicks within one intuitive environment.

Get all the features you expect from a phone system—and a lot more

Of course, Business Voice isn’t just a new feature that adds phone calls to Teams; it’s a comprehensive, cloud-based phone system that comes with a long list of calling features and administrative capabilities, many of which are driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

In addition to the features you would expect, such as call forwarding, parking, blocking and holding, setting up local and toll-free numbers and sending voicemails to your email, there’s a host of other useful features that only AI can enable. These include being able to set up multi-level auto attendants and call queues, as well as voicemail transcription and real-time captioning in meetings—after all, if you want a conversation transcribed, why run a recording of it through a completely separate app after the fact when you can have it done while the conversation is happening?

Collaborate remotely and securely

Business Voice is delivered from Microsoft’s trusted cloud, providing security along with built-in redundancy and active load balancing for reliable uptime that keeps your business running smoothly today and prepares you for the future. Plus, having a single collaboration app makes it easier to demonstrate compliance with industry regulations around protecting customer data.

Remote work is by no means a new phenomenon. But for businesses that have gone from dabbling with work-from-home policies to an entirely remote workforce overnight, solutions like Microsoft 365 and Business Voice not only make that transformation easier, they set your business up for the long term. Whether your teams are working from home or are back in the office, or if your business needs to scale to meet new demand, the right tools can help you adapt to whatever the future brings.


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