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3 Ways to Achieve Your Sustainability Goals (and 5 Crucial Steps to Get There)

The Internet of Things can enhance sustainability efforts in ways that go beyond vehicle fleets

Building sustainability into your operations is no longer an option. It has become a key focus of investors, regulators, and the buying public.

When an organization starts thinking about sustainability, it is easy to focus exclusively on environmental concerns – greenhouse gas emissions in particular. While this is of critical importance, being sustainable encompasses much more than a reduction in emissions. Organizations must consider other environmental factors, such as water usage. It means keeping your operations financially sustainable for the long term. It means building resiliency into your operations so that you can survive and thrive in the event of unforeseen disruptions like pandemic lockdowns or supply chain delays.

At the same time, embracing sustainability entails a comprehensive approach that cannot be limited to one facet of your operations. For example, substituting your fleet with electric vehicles is not enough on its own. Prioritizing sustainability in vehicle fleets is undeniably crucial, but buildings also account for a substantial portion of national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – up to 18%, according to Natural Resources Canada.

Rogers Business can help. Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we have created a suite of solutions designed to help organizations pursue sustainability, efficiency and cost consciousness all at once. Achieving all three goals will require insight into how your organization uses energy and water, and what drives your emissions and waste. Connected IoT sensors can give you the insights you need, and IoT software management tools can make this information accessible and actionable.

With all that in mind, here are 3 ways that Rogers can help boost the sustainability of your operations:

1. Energy

Our Smart Energy Management solution can help balance the energy requirements of a building against sustainability goals and bottom-line pressures. Customized to fit your individual needs, Rogers Smart Energy Management provides a range of solutions designed to make it easier to access better data insights that will lead to actionable improvements, futureproofing your investment.

  • Identify energy savings opportunities: A solution tailored to your unique business needs that can find cost-saving & efficiency opportunities across various technologies and strategies.
  • Measure, validate & benchmark energy consumption: Identify the lowest-performing sites and outliers, whether at a single building or across multiple properties. Granular reporting also provides a record to help verify utility bills.
  • Hands-off facility management: The solution provides insight into which equipment & processes are causing excessive usage. It also enables smarter energy practices that can boost ROI by extending asset life and improving equipment efficiency.
  • A range of customized solutions: Solutions applicable to any industry provide access to better data, helping to increase energy efficiency, ultimately making buildings safer & more comfortable and helping to create more resilient communities.

2. Water

Water leaks can be expensive. But even before causing damage, leaks can undercut the sustainability performance of facilities by wasting water. Designed to detect and prevent water leaks, Rogers Smart Water Leak Detection and Mitigation Solution can not only help avoid costly water leak damage, but also prevent wasted water.

  • Prevent water damage: By placing IoT sensors and automatic shut-off valves in strategic locations, you can detect leaks and stop them as they occur, minimizing damage to your property. Automatic alerts let you know as soon as something happens, and by that time, the worst is already averted.
  • Lower costs: By mitigating leaks as they happen, you can minimize any repairs or replacements needed due to water damage. Manual inspections can be greatly reduced, allowing you to call on maintenance personnel only when necessary, utilizing their time better for more effective property management overall.
  • Reduce water wastage: The solution helps reduce water wastage, not just by stopping leaks, but by understanding your everyday water usage better and implementing new efficiencies in response.

3. Fleet Management

Sustainability may include a lot more than your fleet, but there is an ever-increasing public focus on cars and trucks, with stakeholders of all kinds demanding reductions in vehicle emissions. Fleet Management from Rogers Business can help you achieve sustainability targets while at the same time enhancing the efficiency of your fleet.

  • Vehicle and asset tracking: Provides better insights into where your vehicles actually are throughout the day, potentially reducing or consolidating the number of trips.
  • Driver monitoring and coaching: Help reduce idling and aggressive driving, both of which burn fuel unnecessarily.
  • Diagnostics and maintenance: Ensure vehicles are running clean and keep them on the road longer. 

How IoT enables your sustainability journey

Rogers Business has developed a process that can help you understand where, when and how to use IoT to enhance the sustainability of your organization. No matter the size of your operations, the following steps will help determine which IoT solutions are best to enhance sustainability and efficiency, while also cutting costs:

Ready to get started?

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