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How to improve mobile collaboration with cloud-based communications

Learn how Rogers Unison can help your teams work together more efficiently and attend to clients more quickly

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Teams that work as connected, collaborative units achieve more. The ability to join meetings remotely, work on any device, and ensure client needs are met by knowledgeable associates when you aren't available helps maximize productivity and enhance customer service.

Rogers Unison customers experience these benefits every day. Extension Dialing lets workers reach each other quickly and easily via four-digit extensions that can be used from both office and mobile phones. Soft Phone allows staff to use their PCs and tablets to receive calls through their primary wireless or phone system number. Call Transfer empowers employees to instantly transfer calls to appropriate colleagues.

And that's just scratching the surface of what Rogers Unison can do to help teams work together better. Here are five more ways your staff can use Rogers cloud-based communications system to work more efficiently as a group.

Empower your front desk attendant with Receptionist Console

The Rogers Unison Receptionist Console eschews traditional physical desktop modules in favour of a clean, simple and powerful software interface. Your receptionist can instantly see the current call status not only of system phones but also work mobiles, giving them the ability to more efficiently route client calls and ensure customers are connected and served as quickly as possible.

Provide better customer service with Hunt Groups

We've all experienced the frustration of failing to connect with the person we're trying to reach and being looped back to a receptionist multiple times to try different contacts. Hunt Groups reduces the chances of incoming callers and clients suffering a similar fate by automatically routing calls from one team member to the next until someone answers. The customer experience is seamless. Better still, you can define group parameters, ensuring customers are connected with someone who can actually help rather than a staff member who needs to transfer them to someone else.

Keep connected with Call Pull

Scheduling conflicts are common. Meetings can overlap or run long, forcing you to either exit early or skip your next appointment. Call Pull helps take some of the stress out of these moments by allowing you to seamlessly transition calls between desk phones, mobiles and any other device set up with Rogers Unison. That means you can keep chatting and working with colleagues and clients even in transit to your next meeting – all without disrupting the meeting in progress.

Use Dual Persona to simplify switching to a new number

Providing clients and coworkers with new mobile numbers wastes time and tends to annoy people who need to update their contact lists. It's inefficient. You can avoid this problem with Dual Persona, a Rogers Unison feature that lets you simply add your desk phone line to your smartphone, so that anyone who calls the office automatically rings through to your mobile when appropriate. That means there's no need to update business cards and stationary, and no need to make your customers and colleagues remember yet another number.

Be available even when you aren't with Voicemail to Email

Multitasking has its limits. There are times when you simply can't break away from what you're doing to attend to a call, leaving it pushed to voicemail. That's where Voicemail to Email can help. This handy Rogers Unison feature instantly sends an audio file of the voicemail message to your email, letting you discreetly listen to and respond to an important client or colleague's message even if you're, say, currently dialled into another meeting.

Rogers Unison is much more than a traditional phone system. It's a cutting-edge software-based office communication system that leverages the cloud and mobile connectivity to keep teams connected and help customers get served more efficiently. Talk to a Rogers customer service representative to learn how you can get more out of your Rogers Unison package.